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Welcome to AgeingCoach.com


Our passion is helping others enjoy a better quality of life.


This site was founded in Australia by us, Steve Alexander and Debbie Chappell. We have been natural health practitioners since 1992 specialising in preventative health, detoxification, effective nutrition and ageing deferral strategies

We have arrived at a very clear and fully supported view that virtually anyone can make lifestyle choices and utilise newly developed products and concepts that will likely have the effect of greatly prolonging active life.

Our current medical system is really focussed on combatting medical conditions. It is really a 'Sickness Industry' that is heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, which has a primary goal of profit for shareholders.


This corporate goal is best supported by having a lot of people with medical conditions who are prescribed drug therapy for those conditions. There is nothing inheritantly wrong with this paradigm until they promote the concept that they are really concerned about us enjoying a healthy life. 


This is in direct conflict with their best interests. It is difficult to sell drugs to healthy people.

For good advice on prolonging active life we must look outside the Sickness Industry. This is the goal of AgeingCoach.com and our information service.

There are a great many scientifically validated discoveries and strategies that can help.


There are also almost daily breakthroughs in the very new science of gene expression. This is the most exciting arena of discovery for anyone wanting to live a better life.


Our regular information service will bring these developments to our clients as they happen, along with recommendations on how to put the science into practice in a meaningful manner.

Yes, we will be offering some products for sale. All will be proven to help with age deferral. And, yes, we do make some money from any purchases made by our clients.


Rest assured we will only recommend products we have used ourselves and have complete faith in. It is this financial support from our clients that enables us to bring cutting edge information to the world.

Welcome to our journey. We confidently look forward to being of great value to our clients for many years to come.


Our wish for you is a longer, more active, happier and healthier life.

Live Long and Prosper

Steve and Debbie.