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The Background Story

We wrote an e-book to give the background to this groundbreaking  concept.

Invest 15 minutes to check it out.

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The Program – Step by Step

Once you decide that the Alzheimer's Disease Prevention Program is right for you, sign up for the "Five Star Program". 


You can enroll at the bottom of this page.

The fee is just $29.

We will then send you a detailed questionnaire to fill in and submit online.

A human being will then assess your information and produce a report on your initial status in relation to the FOUR CAUSES OF ALL DEGENERATIVE DISEASES.

We will then provide general recommendations to improve any of the FOUR CAUSES scores you may want to improve.

Your report is NOT a computer generated general report. ALL reports are INDIVIDUALLY prepared.


Around 80 different factors are ranked and our algorithm will then assign weighted scores to each of the FOUR CAUSES.

We will call you for a brief phone interview. It will last about ten to fifteen minutes. We will discuss aspects of the program with you.


We will ask you to select one of three courses of action:

1. Do nothing further.

2. Action any of the recommendations you wish. We can discuss budgets and some specific products and actions that may be of interest to you.

3. Invest in the full "Seven Star" program where we will ask you to obtain specific blood tests from your doctor and provide hair samples to us for Bioenergetic Testing. This will provide us with very precise information with which we will fine tune your report and provide specific recommended courses of action to improve your scores over the next year. The additional fee for this service is $110.

Here are summaries of the two programs...

After one year we will repeat most of the steps in order to have a precise comparison of your results from the previous year. This process is a long term partnership between us that we expect will result in you being much more likely to enjoy a longer and healthier life. Our fee for annual reviews is $49 for the FIVE Star Program and $99 for the SEVEN Star Program.

When we recommend any wellness related product we will either send you direct to the supplier to source it or provide it to you through our clinic. In the case of the latter, we will provide you with products at wholesale or significant discounts. Our goal is not to sell lots of unnecessary products. Our goal is to work with you to do everything within your and our resources, to reduce the chances of AD and other degenerative diseases.

FIVE Star Program 


You receive a detailed questionnaire to fill in online.

Many different factors will be assessed and ranked. Our proprietary algorithm will produce a score for each of the "FOUR CAUSES".  We assess approximately 80 different parameters to produce the scores.


Your report will then be prepared and emailed to you. The report will provide information on the assessment of each of the “Four Causes” and recommendations to improve each one. 


Every report is individually designed and about eight pages long.

A few days after the report is sent we will arrange a second phone consultation to discuss the contents of the report and decide on which course of action is right for you.

Any follow up action required will be carried out by us.

You will receive an ongoing flow of information on the latest studies and developments in preventative health over the next 12 months.

We are encouraging a community of "AD Avoiders"

The one fee for all this is just $29

SEVEN Star Program

After joining the FIVE Star Program, you have the choice of upgrading to the SEVEN Star program which adds:


Specific instructions to be sent to you regarding blood tests that are a valuable source of information. You will arrange these tests with your doctor. You may choose to have some extra tests at your expense but the health insurance system should cover most of them. We will explain your options to you.

You will be asked to send a hair or saliva sample to us for bioenergetic testing. This will provide us with further information to correlate with the blood tests and data you provide.

These procedures will add many more pieces of the puzzle in order to produce a score for each of the "FOUR CAUSES". The "7 Star" service assesses around 120 parameters so it will be substantially more precise than the FIVE Star Program. 

There are more than 60 possible recommendations. They will be ranked by your scores, budget and personal preferences. Your report may only include a few. Or it may include a larger number.

The total fee for the SEVEN Star Program is $110 in addition to the original $29 for the FIVE Star Program


(We kept the two programs separate so clients can see what we are all about before committing to the larger investment.)

Annually, we will repeat most of the steps in order to have a precise comparison with your results from the previous year.

The process is a ideally a long term partnership that will significantly increase the likelihood of you enjoying a much longer and healthy life.


Our fee for FIVE Star annual reviews is $29.


Our fee for SEVEN Star annual reviews is $99


Around 75% of possible recommendations are lifestyle modifications and 25% are specific products, of varying types and brands.


We will do our best to provide these products at wholesale or discounted pricing.


Our goal is not to sell lots of products.

Our goal is to improve your chances of avoiding AD and other degenerative diseases. 

Why Work With Us?

We are in a unique position to be of assistance.


We understand Dr Bredesen’s philosophy and it is in total accordance with our combined half century of experience in wellness and preventative health. You could, of course, buy his book and put together your own program.

If you are so inclined, we would encourage it.

We have some additional testing facilities, the combination of which are very rare anywhere in the world.

Whether that guarantees a better outcome is not for us to decide but we have great faith in what we do, backed up by many successes over a very long time.

Our experience in the world of nutrients has given great insight into what works well and what does not. Not all supplements are created equal. We have tested many products over many years and found the majority to be less than ideal. That knowledge is extremely valuable in itself.

Most importantly, we see this service as something that will occupy us for the rest of our working lives and hopefully for those following us in this endeavour.


Everyone wants to make a difference in the world.


We see very few more important projects.


We feel so much of our previous experiences have brought us to this point in time and circumstances.


We know deep down we are meant to be doing this.


Being somewhat of a trail blazer is always interesting. We know we will be challenged by those who wish to maintain the ‘status quo’.

We know we will be derided by some who have vested interests.

We know there will be some situations where we are told our service is a failure.

We understand ignorance is often disguised as scepticism and expressed as self-righteousness.

These are always part of the deal for anyone creating something new with great hope for serving others.

We can live with all that.


Because there are few greater gifts we can give than an extra twenty or so years of healthy life. Without this service, so many will have their life cut short in a disastrous fashion for them and their families.

To help provide that gift is about as satisfying as life gets.

Thank you for being on this journey with us thus far.

We look positively towards providing you with valuable service for many years to come.


It’s all up to you…….

If it feels right for you, here is where you can sign up for your FIVE Star Program

If you're not yet ready to engage but seek more info, click on the image below and read our e-book