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Losing Your Marbles

February 3, 2019


EVERYONE over 45 is concerned about Cognitive Decline.

We have all watched loved ones “lose the plot” and it is frightening…

And rightly so…

The stats show an alarming increase in dementia.

Some Cognitive Decline is perfectly normal, just like muscle wastage as you get older.

Similar to muscle wastage, there is a lot you can do about it…

If you want to…

It became personal a few years ago when I started taking a supplement that enhances mitochondrial effectiveness. (Mitochondria are small structures in each cell that produce energy (called ATP) from glucose and oxygen – kind of like a mini power station.

It had the desired effect of a LOT more energy but it also showed me how much I had slowed down mentally during my fifties…

The difference was incredible for my focus, concentration and general mental acuity…

Deb didn’t believe me…


It highlighted how a slow decline is often imperceptible.

Anyway, that’s another story for another time.

There has been a lot of research undertaken on the brain in the last couple of decades.


Alzheimer’s Disease (“AD”) has the potential to send western governments bankrupt as well as cause untold emotional and financial damage to the families of the poor souls who suffer from this horrendous affliction.


What is becoming apparent is that AD is largely a lifestyle disease with strong links to diabetes, heart disease, poor nutrition and toxicity.


The good news is that there is a lot you can do to counter brain degeneration and even reverse cognitive decline.


We have been working on methods or reducing the chances of developing degenerative diseases for a couple of decades now.


We have some vey sophisticated tools available to bring to bear on this issue.


The sobering lesson I have learned over the last decade is that the majority are very reluctant to take any sensible action in this area.


Possibly our GPs, who are often totally ignorant in preventative nutrition and disease origins, spout out the great line that you just need a balanced diet and you will be OK.


After nearly three decades of gathering detailed lifestyle information from many thousands of people, I can assure you that those eating a balanced diet number way less than 5% of our population.


The 95+% need supplementation to provide the body with the raw materials required to function.


As we discussed last week, recent science has shown that a new understanding has emerged and there exist “Survival Nutrients” and “Longevity Nutrients” which are both essential.


It is becoming crystal clear that insufficient “Longevity Nutrients” do not show up as a problem in the short term but are a big part of the equation that ends in Heart Disease, Cancer, Dementia and so on.


So, what do we suggest you do here?


We have created a simple program to help. It is specifically aimed at the brain but will help in most areas of the body.


We call it “Brain Booster”


It is a combination of two unique supplements includes both ‘Survival Nutrients’ and ‘Longevity Nutrients’.


The first is a product that is mainly oriented towards improving eye health, which has proven helpful for many clients over the years.




It is called “Eye Formula” and is based on significant scientific studies over the last couple of decades showing that lutein and zeaxanthin, along with other supporting nutrients improved the condition of the retina (or macular).


Lisa Renzi-Hammond, PhD, from the Vision, Brain and Behavioural Department at the University of Georgia, observed - “the retina IS the brain – a little detached piece of brain.”


Latest research is showing lutein and zeaxanthin, have an important role to play in conjunction with omega-3 fatty acids like DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) in cognition, and may even have something to say about the onset and development of type 2 diabetes.


Veteran researcher Tos Berendschot, PhD, from the University Eye Clinic Maastricht in the Netherlands, said there had recently been a leap in understanding lutein’s real biological function.


“It shifts to the brain because the eye can be a marker for what is going on in the brain, and also in brain research on its own. So lutein is a nutrient that is directly linked to cognitive performance both in adults and in children.”


It is starting to appear that lutein and zeaxanthin are very valuable for those who want to retain or improve cognition and general brain health.


This supplement also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc, copper and selenium.


The second supplement is a combination of omega 3 fish oil that has been carefully screened to ensure it is clean from toxins, and Vitamin E. It is called Optimum Omega.


The research company that developed this supplement invested heavily in studying samples of fish from all around the world to determine where the cleanest fish lived. Potential toxicity is a big consideration in fish. They are known to accumulate mercury and a number of other toxic substances.


If you wish to make cheap oil supplements, you can use large organs, like the liver of sharks and other large ocean dwelling creatures. Optimum Omega utilises whole fish. It costs more but I would rather be eating whole fish rather than a sharks potentially toxic liver in my supplements.


Quality Omega 3 oils have been demonstrated to help greatly in many other organs, tissues and systems throughout the body.


The wholesale investment for both supplements is $79.50. When purchased as a regular order, there is a 20% loyalty reward points system that brings the investment down to $64 per month, or a little over $2 per day.


A small price to pay for brain health. You might even see better, which is not a bad side effect.

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