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Are You "Inflamm-ageing"?

March 10, 2019

Rapid ageing of your cells leads to early development of degenerative diseases.


As anyone who has read our popular eBook, “River of Life” knows, there are four causes of degenerative diseases, which are the cause of at least 88% of Australian deaths. [Download it on the home page.]


One of the Four Causes is Chronic Inflammation.


Some researchers believe it will initiate the disease process that will lead to the demise of a big proportion of the population.


Acute (or short term) inflammation is part of our immune system.


When you cut yourself, the reddening of the area around the wound is the body doing what is necessary to fix it as soon as it can. This is acute inflammation.


The inflammatory genes seem to have been developed around the time our ancestors started walking upright. It was a good thing when hunting, fighting and running away, all of which tended to initiate injuries.


The problem is that when an inflammatory process keeps running in our body, disease develops, as demonstrated in the graphic.


This chronic inflammation is often the result of something in our body. One example is a toxin the body cannot eliminate. Another is a food we eat regularly that causes an inflammatory response. Sandwich, anyone?


How do you know you have chronic inflammation?


The BIG question.


Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, some digestive upsets and some cardiovascular diseases are pretty obvious.


Less so is sub-clinical chronic inflammation.


Our Cellular Ageing assessment (a free service on our website www.ageingcoach.com) gathers information on many different aspects of lifestyle and history that give clues as to the degree of chronic inflammation.


We also recommend our clients undertake regular blood screening. For example, low Vitamin D or high homocysteine can be indicators of chronic inflammation.


There are numerous supplements proven to help normalise chronic inflammation and we work with them a lot.


The research on this subject is relatively recent. There is however, a very strong trend to suggest that chronic inflammation is linked to many diseases of age.


It is important for anyone with a proactive approach to their health that they attempt to assess the degree of chronic inflammation occurring and then take steps to reduce it.

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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