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March 17, 2019

They're not ALL baseless Conspiracy Theories...


The world is full of vested interests who regularly play the “real science” card in an effort to prove their (usually biased) point of view.


My message is where your health is involved, don’t trust anyone who has an axe to grind or some money to remove from your pocket.


In this society that is increasingly polarised, there is way too much “us and them”.


Some examples.


1. We have been told for 40 years that “Round Up” is safe by the people promoting it. An ever growing number had some doubts and now it has been proven to most people’s satisfaction (in a court of law) it is carcinogenic. The court also found that Monsanto tried to cover this up.


2. There are two very clearly divided sides of the statin drugs argument. The more science in the form of independent studies, the more doubt that is being cast on the arguments of those who make Billions from them each year.


3. There is a MASSIVE punch-up about to erupt about our forthcoming 5G mobile network. “Perfectly Safe” according to those who stand to make a lot of money from it. Not so, according to another well credentialed group. You will have to make up your own mind, but it will be quite a barney.


And the list goes on.


My main message – think for yourself, do some research AND don’t take anything at face value, especially where there is something to protect.


One issue where commercial interests have run roughshod over the best interests of the public is mercury fillings.


We have treated a large number of people over nearly three decades for filling related mercury toxicity.

It is insidious and potentially lethal.


There are a few things to know about detoxing the body for mercury and a few things to know about removal of fillings to minimise danger.


We have had some incredible results over time.


And yet we are still being told it is “perfectly safe”.


Before fillings go into your head, they must be treated very carefully. When a filling is removed, it must be treated as very dangerous toxic waste.


The only time mercury is safe is in between these two events – when it is in your head.




If you have long term health issues that have no apparent cause, you might like to look into this subject.


Don’t listen to me.


There is plenty of research on the subject.


Here is a short video giving some snippets that may be of interest to you.




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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!